In pursuit of beauty, Hong Kong former actress and socialite Fanny Sieh became a victim of cosmetic surgery.

Sieh was trying to achieve a v-shaped face and an attractive chin structure when she visited a plastic surgery clinic. However, the result was drastically awful as the surgery led to disfigurement and a non-recognizable face for the once elegant and beautiful actress.

The news about Sieh’s post-plastic surgery disfigurement broke when she attended an event. The actress showed up with deadly globular eyes, a swollen lips and a pointy chin. An online site even said that the actress’ face “has lost significant semblance of the ‘humanistic’ facial structure.”

Local media reported that Sieh undergone several plastic surgery procedures that undoubtedly marred her natural beauty.

The actress was known as a lady that exudes confidence and poise, a rather typical attribute of Hong Kong celebrities, before her transformation.

While no one has the right to condemn the actress in trying to improve her appearance, going overboard with plastic surgery is somehow a no-no.

Let’s take a look on Sieh’s before and after photos and judge for yourself if she indeed made terrible decisions in pursuit of beauty.



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