Celebrities are adored by fans for many reasons. They are admired for their talents, versatility and of course, their looks. But how about the height? Does it matter in capturing the hearts of the public?

If in any indication, Google results may say so.

Charice Pempengco, a Filipino singer who conquered the international scene because of her singing prowess, has an odd search result in Google. Once you search for her name, you will notice that the search engine giant will provide results highlighting the singer’s height which is 1.55 m in Centimeters or 5.084 ft.

charice pempengco charice pempengco height














While these search results aren’t that strange or implausible, it is still worth noting though considering that when you Google other celebrity icons, local or international, their heights are not shown in search results.

christina aguilera

jennifer lopez












mariah carey

lady gaga












sarah geronimo

aiza seguerra
















Benj Arriola, an internet marketing expert, has shed light on this matter.  He explained that the “data that appears in Google’s knowledge graph is based on what is predominantly available online. It can also be triggered by search volume of long tail variations of a keyword.

Probably there are a lot of people searching for her height,” Ariola added.

So perhaps this explains everything. A lot of people seem interested in Pempengco’s height that is why it has been emphasized in Google result. For whatever reason, it is safe to assume that fans want to know how tall the singer is who has a powerful voice and can sing the highest note possible.

Our take?

It is not about the height, it is about the talent.

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