Death is inevitable to everyone. It is a moment wherein everything stops from your heartbeat up to your brain until your body wakes to a cold and rigor grave. It only takes a few days before our body turns to its decomposition state.

However, an ironic fanciful human instance happened recently in Ilagan City, Isabela. A cold body of a four years old girl was discovered interrupted by natural disintegration after her parents dug her up from her grave.

Last Monday August, 28, Jenny Rose Jacinto died after suffering from fever. Her fever went on and off before her parents brought her to Isabela Provincial Hospital where she died a day after she was confined.

After her death, her parents  grievingly brought her body back to their house and buried her last Friday.

However after her burial, a chilling advised from a faith healer was delivered to Jenny’s family by a relative named Gemma Jacinto De Villa. The faith healer advised jenny’s family to dig her up from her grave because she was not yet dead. Immediately, Jimmy Jacinto, father of Jenny, and other family members went to the cemetery and took her body out from the crypt.

After her body was dug up, they were quite surprise after seeing her body that’s still soft and seemingly not in its decomposition state.

They held another wake for the child hoping that their daughter is still alive or just sleeping. They were hoping for miracles.

Some of their relatives who have witness jenny’s body claim that they saw jenny peed and defecated to her diapers but her mother Gina can’t confirm these claims.

After watching their daughter’s dead body, Gina and Jimmy realized that their daughter is really dead.

Saturday morning, they brought back jenny’s body to her grave. On the afternoon of the same day, the faith healer went to the grave and confirmed that the child is now dead.

It is quite unbelievable that there are stories like this one. However, every year there are reported incident similar to the case of Jenny. Some incidents has been shared and got trending on social media. Some have their videos or was documented as a proof of the existence of this supernatural thingy however it is being countered immediately by scientific explanations.

In this upgraded world where every story has the power to reach a large number of people, it is possible that some stories are done exaggeratedly to catch our attention. But whatever it is, these stories and other myths that kept bubbling into our curious minds are part of our culture and it will continue to spread from generation to generation.



Reported by: Lacson, JhonPaul. Germinal, Bill. Lazada, Luciell





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