Earlier this week, the metro and other provinces have been struck by TD Maring that caused massive flood from different low lying areas.  Hence, it was given that street vendors in the metro were missing in action. However, not this local Vendor in the local east who has caught the attention of netizens after a post of him went online.

This local vendor gains admiration since he embodies the true pinoy hardworking spirit that is spite of the flooding roadways, he endures it just to sell his steamily delicious taho to his “suki”.

The photo of this determined “magtataho” has gone viral after it has been shared by Frederic Buenaobra on Facebook.

PRAISED. Mang Domeng’s viral photo depicting his perseverance despite of the flooding roadways receives praises from netizens online.

The viral taho vendor was identified by some netizens as Mang Domeng.

According to the netizens who have known Mang Domeng, he is a vendor for more than 20 years. Some of his costumer even shared their experiences as they grew up to Mang Domeng’s taho in the said village.

In his post on Facebook, Buenaobra shared his admiration to Mang Domeng.

Now the photo have reached almost 1.5 K likes and 620 shares after it has been posted online. Netizens wishes that Mang Domeng’s viral photo will be featured in main stream media for everyone to know his story of determination that amidst the flood he bravely faced it just to provide the needs of his family.



Reported by: Lacson, JhonPaul. Lazada, Luciell. Germinal, Bill

Source: Frederic Buenaobra//JPL

Photo Credit: Angelica Ysais//JPL