A new alleged photo of the darkest baby in the world has quickly gone viral on the web. The baby was recently born in South Africa, according to Social Trends.

There were black people who do have black skin but not as dark as this, we are not being prejudice here.

No one seems to claim or own these photos. The photo to the right however simply portrays the grown version of the baby.

Dark Baby

This is the photo being retweeted in Twitter saying that this is the darkest baby in the world

Many netizens were asking if it is real or fake. Mostly believe that the photo was fake; though there are others who believe it is for real.

According to the netizens act:

“I am of the opinion this is fake” ,said Moosekababs.

According to Tarantinofootfetish, “That’s literally a black baby”.

However we can’t say this is fake unless the man in the second photo tell us whether this baby was real or not.

Look closer to the baby’s eyes it’s all black, with no whites. It looks like a doll’s eye than a human’s eye.


Man with Blue Skin

Man with Blue Skin.jpg

Paul Karason, 62 years old has the strange Papa Smurf look. Karason’s skin turned blue 17 years ago after he used colloidal silver which he used more than a decade ago to treat a bad case of dermatitis on his face. The FDA banned silver in over-the-counter meds as it causes argyria, which causes the silver to react with sunlight turning skin a dark blue. Karason passed away from a heart attack, unrelated to his condition, year 2013.


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Source: Social Trends ph.com, Daily mail.com



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