cebu pac

A photo of alleged Cebu Pacific aircraft fixed with duct tape went viral after a netizen brought the concern to the public.

The viral photo posted in social media showed a portion of the plane patched with what seems like a duct tape.

Now, did Cebu Pacific put their passengers’ safety in jeopardy? No.

The trending photo was real, however, it was no duct tape. It was a specialized tape used for airplanes and is called “speed tape.” It is known to be very durable and is capable of sticking on fuselage or on the wing at high speeds.

Moreover, speed tapes are commonly used when planes need a quick fix. It is pressure-sensitive and is resistant to water, flames and solvent. It is also capable of contracting and expanding on various ranges of temperature.

All these sums up that there is nothing to worry if passengers will see planes fixed with “duct tapes” or “speed tapes” because it is a common practice for airlines especially when a permanent repair is not available at the moment.

However, no one can blame the concerned citizen for being worried and vigilant considering the tragedies involving aircraft in the past year. The good thing about this though is we will no longer be surprised when we see planes patched with speed tapes in the future.


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