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A social media photo of people who are alleged to be anti-Vatican and anti-Pope has caused uproar from the public; the netizens then came to the rescue of Pope Francis and the Catholic group in general.

The said people are giving out pamphlets in the areas of Palo, Leyte and in Tacloban Astrodome with messages that oppose the Vatican and the Catholic practice.

The photo was believed to have been captured in Palo, Leyte.

This is the original post in Facebook of a certain Wil Mark Amazona:

“On my way to Palo Cathedral, naagian ko hira ha gawas han simbahan. Got curious gin basa ko an pamphlet nga ira gin hatag ha usa nga driver since diri pa man nalarga an sasakyan tikang Palo. I thought they were just preaching but inside the pamphlet as i read it, anti-Vatican ngan anti-Pope pala hira.

yana nga kulop pag-agi ko ha astrodome, nakadto na hira from that number, nadugngan hira. but still less than 10 la an ira kadamu.

Police were asking “ano itun hira?”

We translate this text in English for the convenience of others:

“On my way to Palo Cathedral, I saw these people outside the church. They were giving out pamphlets and out of curiosity; I read the material they gave to a driver since we are still waiting for the vehicle to drive off. I thought they were just preaching but as I read the pamphlet, they were anti-Vatican and anti-Pope.

In this afternoon as I pass Tacloban Astrodome, I saw these people again. They are less than 10 in number.

Police were asking, “who are they?”

The said Facebook post has stirred reactions from netizens coming in defense of the Catholic group.



Whatever is the purpose of those people alleged to be anti-Catholic, the netizens are right. Everyone should respect each other’s beliefs and religion regardless of the difference and understanding that we have. Besides, it is the connection and relationship that we have with God that will matter at the end.


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