A photo that was posted on Facebook by an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)in Saudi Arabia caught the attention and revved up resentments from many netizens after it went viral last September 9, 2017.

The OFW named Bby’Ara Tzuyu Talib Solaiman II posted a photo of her co-worker in Saudi Arabia who allegedly died after the attending doctor refused to give her medications after he assumed that the OFW was just ‘pretending’ to be sick.

Nenita P. Omro, the OFW victim who hails from Davao just recently arrived to Saudi Arabia unfortunately after her arrival she got sick according to Solaiman.

VIRAL. Solaiman’s post indicating the story of Omro’s sudden death.

Omro’s employer immediately brought her to the hospital but was told by the doctor that Omro was in good condition, and just ‘pretending’ to be sick, and that instead of working she might just snatching some time to rest.

Her employer followed the doctor’s advice and brought back Omro to her house. Unfortunately, that same night, Omro died. Her roommates noticed the pale color of Omro while lying down afterwards they have discovered that she was no longer breathing at around 2 AM.

Because of sudden death, Omro’s employer immediately called for help but the rescuers who tried to save Omro weren’t able to revive her.


The death of Omro was very unfortunate according to Solaiman that she posted a photo of her lifeless. Apparently, after she had posted the photo, some netizens bashed Solaiman as they claim that the story that she have posted was rather implausible and not true.

LIFELESS. Depicted in photo was Omro, who allegedly died after the doctor claim that she not sick, and just ‘pretending’

Solaiman received successive bashings and resentments after the post but she later on posted some new photos depicting the death of Omro. In her post, Solaiman said that she found it really difficult to publicize the unfortunate death of her pal but she had no choice but to post the said photos to give credible evidences of the sudden death of Omro because of the negligence of the attending doctor.

It is impossible that Omro, if a legal OFW, was able to travel having a serious medical condition that caused her immediate death. In legal process, OFW before allowing to travel or to have work abroad they must first undergo intensive medical examinations.

Applicants who have serious medical conditions and needed for immediate treatment are not qualified. Overseas workers who were given the permission are therefore declared physically and mentally healthy. Hence, it is quite a mystery of what caused the death of Omro.

After she have posted the story of Omro, Solaiman continuously have been receiving negative comments from the netizens who have read her post after she wasn’t able to help Omro. Solaiman however defended herself as she claim in her post that Omro’s employer got even mad at them after they gave Omro a food to eat before her unfortunate death.



Reported by: Lacson, JhonPaul. Germinal, Bill. Luciell, Lazada 

Source: rachfeed.com//JPL


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