Another celebrity is in hot water for an alleged sex video scandal!

Actor Joross Gamboa is on the spotlight for being suspected to be the person in a lewd video spreading online. In the video, a man, who shared similar facial features as the former teen idol, was seen to be demonstrating sexual acts while talking to someone not seen on screen.

The video seemed to be taken inside a vehicle, also showed the man to be giving out instructions to the person he was talking to.

The six-minute video later showed someone to be calling to the man in car, with him replying that he would be out in a few minutes.

Because of this leaked video, the keywords “Joross Gamboa” had become a top search result on social media, particularly on Facebook and Twitter.

Gamboa, 31, rose to fame as one of the finalists in the first Star Circle Quest of ABS-CBN. He is currently married to Katz Saga, and is a father to a three-month old son. He and his family are said to be residing in Canada. He was previously romantically linked to fellow SCQ runner-up, Roxan Guinoo.

The actor has yet to comment on the issue.

Photo credit: Starmometer/Facebook Screenshot

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