On David Tan and NBI fiasco

Lawyer-activist Argee Guevarra reiterated his call for the government, media and the public to shift its attention to the alleged “rice cartel operated by the ‘Quezon Mafia’ from within the Agriculture department” instead to David Tan.

According to Guevarra, David Tan “is a phantom created by Agriculture chief Proceso Alcala, to divert public attention away from the plunder complaint the lawyer filed against Alcala and NFA Administrator Orlan Calayag before the Ombudsman over the overpriced Vietnam rice importation.”

“The credibility-breaking contention of Sec. Alcala in blaming the country’s rice woes on a single individual supposedly named David Tan, a ghost at that, speaks volumes of his desperate attempt to camouflage rice smuggling undertaken by the DA through its public sector monopolization of the country’s rice trade”, Guevarra said in a statement.

Guevarra further  chided Abono partylist Rep. Rosendo So “who has taken the cudgels defending Alcala from the plunder complaint and who acted as Alcala’s spokesman in demonizing a certain David Tan as the Goliath in rice smuggling, when the truth is out that there is no David Tan from Davao to speak of but a Davidson Bangayan from Manila whose brush with the law is for allegedly pilfering electricity, not rice smuggling.”

In a statement, Guevarra also  warned  of the possibility that “in order to save face and to shore up a shot credibility, Sec. Alcala and Rosendo So will repackage David Tan as Davidson Bangayan.”

“ In law, the legal maxim is ‘Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus’ applies to Alcala and So: ‘Falsehood in one statement is falsehood in all of their allegations,’” Guevarra said.

“Given the farcical lengths with which David Tan was surfaced as Davidson Bangayan — from the realm of obscurity to the spotlight of notoriety, it appears that Mr. Bangayan is being primed up as a fall guy”, added Guevarra.

According to Guevarra, informed sources from within the Agriculture department and the customs bureau disclosed to him that “the NBI should validate information that there is really a David Tan but he is not a Filipino but a Hong Kong national.”

“ This David Tan was supposed to be a former business partner of Sec. Alcala in the rice trading business until their alleged relationship soured,” Guevarra said.

“It is perhaps more fruitful for government investigation to focus on the David Tans from within the Agriculture Department. I have already charged an Alfredo ‘Buddy’ Roa in the plunder complaint I filed against Sec. Alcala who was responsible for receiving kickbacks meant for Agriculture officials from the April 2013 Vietnam rice importation and who, just after the, Yolanda struck, proceeded to Hong Kong with agriculture officials and consultants to seal a 500,000 metric tons of rice from Southern Vietnam Food Corporation, the partial shipment of which was recently reported to have arrived in the Subic Free Port and is facing tax payment troubles,” added Guevarra.