Melissa Mendez, a 50-year-old actress, was escorted from flight after punching flight attendant and co-passenger over seat reservation, forcing the plane to return to airport.

Mendez, aboard a Cebu Pacific Air flight off to Mindanao, allegedly refused to move from a seat already reserved for another passenger, later revealed to be the friend of model and Philippine rugby team member Andrew Wolff.

In fact, Wolff took to Instagram to share the story. He explained that while Mendez eventually decided to move out from the reserved seat, she verbally abused Wolff’s friend and claimed that she was a famous star from before.

“I’ve seen some crazy things in my life. I regularly travel on planes for work, but this has got to be probably one of the most ridiculous things that I have experienced,” Wolff wrote. “A certain Filipina actress, past her prime may I add, decided to use our reserved seats on the plane. After being asked to move by flight attendants, the captain and even ground security she agreed to go to her seat (after 30mins of cursing).”

He also said that the actress smelled like a “beer brewery.”

“Kept claiming she was some sikat na star dati with initials M.M. She smelled like a beer brewery, you just knew something was gonna happen.”

In another Instagram post, the rugby team member said that Mendez continued to curse his friend and received 2 warning cards from flight attendants for doing so. She however didn’t stop but instead, she punched Wolff’s friend and the flight attendants. This leads to the captain’s decision to return to Manila.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I apologize, but we have to go back to Manila due to one unruly passenger,” the captain announced as posted by Wolff.

After arriving in Manila, the actress was escorted off the aircraft and was met by 20 security personnel.

Mendez had a successful movie career in the Philippines with more than 50 films on her resume. She starred in films including Esperanza The Movie, Dimasalang and Tisay.




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