In one of the rare events, the Philippine Marines will let civilians experience the life of a marine.

In line with its 63rd anniversary, the Philippine Marines, the Navy’s elite combat arm, will open the “Karera Lakas Pilipinas” Commandant’s Cup to civilians on October 25 this year at Gregorio Lim Marine Barracks grounds in Ternate, Cavite.

“What does it take to defend the country? Be measured physically and psychologically by the challenging obstacle that is both man-made and natural. Get the experience through Karera Lakas Pilipinas: the 2nd Commandant’s Cup, a race that simulates Marine life in the operational area,” stated in a press release by the Philippine Marines.

Civilians who want to be part of this advocacy can choose a category:

  • Astig – 5km run with obstacle courses (Male / Female)
  • Bangis – 10km run with obstacle courses (Male / Female)
  • Bayani – Special category for Military (Male / Female)

Registration fees are as follow:

  • 5K ASTIG – Php 500
  • 5K BAYANI – Php 350
  • 10K BAGSIK – Php 750
  • 10K BAYANI – Php 500

“Funds raised in this event shall be used for the MARFIT (Strength and Conditioning Program) as well as WOUNDED WARRIOR’S RECOVERY and REINTEGRATION PROGRAM. Philippine Marine Corps has been the subtle pillars of the country since time immemorial,” the press release further stated. “As the force of choice, every marine silently perform task without reservation and regard of their own lives. As the true guardians of peace, they represent the best in soldiery and must continue to do so thru utmost physical health and physical superiority.”

“A serendipitous and unsung hero of our country is hoping for your support. These soldiers has given immense sacrifice for our country to protect our freedom especially now with what’s happening in Palawan and some areas in Mindanao. We believe that the strength of the nation is the people itself. Everyone is responsible of serving the country – and for our military, service is characterized by physical health. This is inlne with the “Bayanihan Campaign” of our military’s inter-agency activity and in this case, civilians are involved,” it added.

This is indeed an advocacy with a cause and we encourage our courageous civilians to join, and be fit and healthy on the process.

You can visit the Marine Corps Special Service Office (MCSSO) Marine Barracks Rudiardo Brown, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City for an onsite registration from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Or you can do an online registration by visiting this link: Karera Pilipinas Public Registration

More information regarding Karera Lakas Pilipinas can be found here:  Facebook

If you want to see how this one-of-a-kind event works, watch this inspiring video:


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