177 whales have been killed by Japanese whalers in the North-West Pacific Ocean yesterday as they completed its whaling season.

Source: Independent A dead minke whale caught in Kushiro on the Japanese Island in Hokkaido

Three ships, which left port in June, caught 43 minke whales and 134 sei whales.

Japan fisheries agency said it is for a scientific research in which they would collect data on the whales’ stomach and report its finding to the International Whaling Commission.

Source: Think Progress
A picture of a Japanese whaler cleaning a dead giant whale

Critics say the research is actually commercial whaling in disguise, after these whales are examined the meat could be sold in the market.

Despite the 1986- International moratorium banning of killing giant sea mammals for commercial purposes and repeated public protest against it, killing whales is still allowed in Japan.

in 2014, the International Court of Justice ordered Japan to stop but Japan ignored the ruling and declared it would continue whaling while reducing the number of whales it would kill.

Source: Think Progress and Independent

Reported by: Francia Kaye Uyvico and Chloe Anne Bual

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