Len Apb shared on Facebook the crucial story of how her fiancé, named Jeffrey Amarento Cabayao, was maltreated by his master and how he is also suffering from injustice in Riyadh.

“He said that he was beaten up and whipped by his master, his master’s new wife, and visitor from Sunday night, May 17, until Monday morning,” said Len.






After he was taken to the hospital, on May 19, Jeffrey was returned to Al Samala Police Station and was accused of witchcraft or black magic which is a major offense in Riyadh because it violates their bible, Qur’an.


Len reported this to the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh which was immediately forwarded to Jeddah Consulate.

Aside from the maltreatment he suffered, Jeffrey is also suffering from injustice from the authorities.

Even though he is still not fully healed, he stayed at the police station. Jeffrey didn’t want to press counter charges because he just wants to go back to the Philippines.

“From what we know, the case was already cancelled but even the one handling the case from Jeddah Consulate didn’t know what happened to my fiancé. We are the ones giving them updates when it should be their responsibility,” complained Len.

“He called me last June 1 and told me that he will be transferred to Briman Jail. He is still in prison because of the case the prince, his master, has charged against him,” she added.

They were also given false update that Jeffrey was already at the deportation area but DFA confirmed that he wasn’t.

Jeffrey is currently at Briman Jail. Len seeks justice for her fiancé and his immediate flight back home.

There are already numerous cases of OFWs being maltreated abroad.

Last year, a Filipina domestic worker in Saudi Arabia was reportedly scalded, beaten up and sometimes left hungry by her abusive employer because of communication problems. Authorities already acted out on the case and sought intervention from Saudi authorities.

Just like Jeffrey’s case, authorities should act up immediately to save these workers from abusive employers. OFWs, in fact, have the highest contribution in rising the country from poverty.


Yssa Acosta
Leyte Normal University

Sources: Facebook post, GMAnetwork.com

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