This is the real soap opera.

Local detergent brand Pride is making the buzz since the 2nd Pilipinas Presidential Debate for releasing a political ad that “reminds” the public about the upcoming elections. The catch: the ad seems to be attacking the rivals of Mar Roxas.

Mga misis! Time out muna tayo sa usapin ng labada. Tutal napapanahon ang nalalapit na Presidential elections, gusto lang naming maghatid sa lahat ng paalala.” The spiel serves as the opening line to the commercial.

Four children then started breaking the fourth wall and spoke directly to the camera, with the following lines:

Sabi ni nanay, huwag magnakaw.

Sabi ni lola, huwag mangupit.

Sabi ni tatay, huwag papatay.

Sabi ni lolo, kung hindi pa handa, ‘wag pilitin.

 Pero sabi nila may kandidatong magnanakaw. (

May kandidato daw na kupitero.

May kandidato daw na papatay ng tao.

 Bakit may kandidato na hindi pa handa?

Tanong lang po.

Sila po ba ang dapat asahan para sa aming kinabukasan?

The ad didn’t name any of the 5 candidates running in the upcoming presidential elections, but the undertones pertaining to three candidates are just to blatant to pass off.

Vice Preident Jejomar Binay is currently being haunted by allegations of graft and corruption.

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte meanwhile is often said to be doing extrajudicial ops to eradicate criminal activity in his city, and is said to be supported by the “Davao Death Squad.”

On the other hand, Senator Grace Poe has been plagued for not being a Filipino and for not having enough experience to become president. She is currently on her first term as senator.

Interestingly, the ad does not allude anything towards Roxas, despite various criticisms on his work at DOTC and DILG, both under the Aquino administration.

Just a little trivia: ACS, the company behind Pride, is owned by the Supetran family. The Supetrans or ACS have not donated anything to the campaigns of LP, Aquino, or Roxas, according to Comelec.

But then again, the Supetrans hail from Capiz, just like Roxas.

See for yourself, here’s the ad:

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