Lito Penada, 36, a suspected killer of Cirwen “Flag” Rellesiva, 36, is said to be a Red Army of Davao.

In the Facebook group “Taga Burauen Ka Gud Man Kun”, a certain Lerma Sarino claimed that Penada is a Red Army of Davao who kills drug addicts and those who steal somebody else’s spouse.

Lito Penada Tagged As NPA

However, the friends of the victim said it doesn’t make sense to tag Penada a Red Army because he is a supporter of Liberal Party and has been supporting Burauen’s presumptive Mayor, also a Liberal.

Peneda Liberal Party
Image from the Suspected Killer Facebook

“It’s only an excuse of the killer’s family relatives by saying that the suspect is a red army. In 2011, they already had a fight where Cirwen was almost killed by Lito. Cirwen was just lucky to run away from him,” one of the victim’s friends, who refused to be identified, said in an interview.

The sister of the victim verified the above statement and said that Penada and Rellesiva had an argument because of a woman in 2011.

Meanwhile, the Burauen Police Station said that the possible motive of the killing might be due to jealous.

No case has been filed yet against the suspect because of lack of documents. He, however, may face an administrative case and murder with no bail.

Penada, a barangay kagawad of Brgy. Limburan, Burauen, Leyte, allegedly stabbed Rellesiva, a resident of Brgy. Maghubas of the said municipality, to death on May 21 at the town plaza.

The victim was stabbed thrice on the chest and had few cuts on his hands.

Viral image of the alleged suspect circulating in Facebook:

Wanted Lito Penada
Image from Facebook Group Taga Burauen Ka Gud Man

The suspect is nowhere to be found at the moment.

Local TV News already aired this incident and here is the news from PRTV in connection to this incident:

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