Battered wife.

Such is the case for Racedha H. Autor, an OFW, who was beaten by her husband Jilvinson Bandivas Pagaling on New Year’s Day.

In Autor’s official Facebook page, she posted a message asking help and seeking for justice as she describe how Pagaling violently beat and smacked her on January 1, 2015 at the residence of the alleged suspect in Kenneth Road Mahogany St., Brgy. Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City.

Autor said that they amiably separated on the 23rd of December, though she only got her kids on the 25th when Pagaling brought their children to Caloocan, where the victim lives with her mother.

However, on the 31st, her husband texted her for them to meet with regards to the car they wanted to sell. Pagaling said that her signature is needed as he already found a buyer. The victim then went to Pasig City the next day with her family including her kids, her mother, stepfather and stepmother.

Autor said in her post that it was only her, her kids and her stepmother who went inside the house. However, the suspect asked them, except her, to go out just moments later. It was when they were alone when Pagaling brutally beat and smacked her in the eye, on her stomach and legs. He even blistered her face and pointed a gun on her while shouting “Sisirain ko pagmumukha mo. Tingnan ko lang kung may mapupuntahan ka. Papatayin kita!”

Autor was only rescued when her stepmother got a chance to go inside the home again.

The victim has asked help from the Tulfo Brothers and posted messages on her Facebook account seeking for justice. She also posted photos of her injuries while recovering in the hospital.

Autor’s friends and some netizens voiced out their concerns to the victim.

racedha autor
Autor is recovering in the hospital after being beaten by her husband. Her friends showed their support through social media. – Photo taken from Autor’s Facebook page.

Meanwhile, the police are now searching for Pagaling who went missing after the incident. Autor also posted in her Facebook page asking information for the whereabouts of the suspect.

racedha autor
The search for the suspect continues as Autor asked netizens for any relevant information regarding the whereabouts about her husband. – Photo taken from Autor’s Facebook page.

The victim is an OFW who arrived in the Philippines on December 2 of last year.

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