A Hungarian camerawoman documenting the wave of frantic migrants galloping from a holding camp sees a man running while carrying a child and trips him.

The man carrying all his belongings has fallen on top of a boy and tumbled to the ground.

Later on, the camerawoman kicks migrants including a little girl as they run along the ground.

According to Szabolcs Kisberc, editor-in-chief of Hungarian Nationalist N1TV, the network in which the said camerawoman works for, that she has been fired.

Moreover, N1TV said, “The camera operator behavior was completely unacceptable.”

While the station stated that it did not recognize the camerawoman on the video, thousands of netizens took this issue to a Facebook “Shame Wall to condemn her acts.

The camerawoman filming the flood of migrants said that they were trying to make it out of Hungary and settle in Austria and Germany. These migrants comprise many refugees trying to escape the carnage conveyed by terrorists and war in their respective home countries.

Source: CNN

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