Tacloban, Philippines – Hollywood director and filmmaker Casey Neistat, offered by the 20th Century Fox to produce a promotional video with the topic “living your dreams” as a teaser strip on the upcoming movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” directed and starred by comedian Ben Stiller, moved thousands on living his dream by giving away $25,000 on Yolanda Survivors.


The renowned film enterprise 20th Century Fox, which was about to release its latest movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” was generously giving out $25,000-grants to interested filmmakers to produce a promotional teaser for the film.


As a pre-requisite of the film’s release and promotion tactics, the 20th Century Fox emailed the American filmmaker asking him to come up with something which could, as the request goes, “motivate, inspire, and give people a catalyst to do something they’ve never done.”


Casey Neistat, agitated on the topic and pursuant to live his dreams, wrote back to the 20 Century Fox: “Give me the budget, I’ll go the Philippines and spend every penny helping people in need.”


Fortunately much to his amazement, the company agreed and gave him the $25,000-grant.


Without a crew and just a friend named Oscar, they immediately flew to Manila, where he then took a plane straight to Tacloban. Seeing no linkages and response from local NGO’s to just hand the receipt, he and his company started shopping for relief packages himself.

S25k for Yolanda

Filming with their self-owned cameras, he records accounts of chasing his dreams, from zero planning and how they rented two local buses to load their goods, travels by sea and dusk, and repacking overnight for the self relief missions. With help coming from total strangers, Casey Neistat was able to stretch the budget to its full potential. Further, a local nurse helped him out shop for medicines and tools to give out also to the victims of the typhoon.


A month after the relief operations, the teaser video was finally released. Recounting some of Casey’s last statements, he said “Never have I met such people with the resilience of these typhoon victims.  There was one thing that stuck out, one big huge tiny thing, that was; of everyone we were face to face with, thousands of people, not once, at anytime for any reason did anyone complain.   No one.  Their focus was on rebuilding and healing, not sympathy.


Big thank you to Fox and Ben Stiller for not freaking the f–k out when they saw what I did with their money.”



H/T: KickerDailyNews