We just don’t know how our parents feel when they cannot give us the things we want-much more when they struggle to provide us with the things we need. But in this particular father’s case, all he wants is for his child to finish college, and he’ll do whatever it takes to achieve that.

In a Facebook post, netizen Jason Dimasupil shares how a foreman in a construction project he is working with showed his dedication for his child’s education. The foreman, according to Dimasupil, asked if he has any books on mechanical engineering, for it was the area of study his child is currently in.

“I once wanted to become an engineer but since we didn’t have money, I now want my son to continue my dream,” the foreman, named Mr. Renie, told Dimasupil. “My son is in college studying mechanical engineering. When he asked me for money to buy books, I couldn’t give him any and it broke my heart. Yesterday I gave him my days’ worth of pay, but he was only able to buy one book. He needs two.”

Dimasupil said he felt a bit embarrassed after hearing his foreman’s story. He (Dimasupil) thought how lucky he was that his parents were able to send him to college, while Mr. Renie is struggling to make ends meet, and does his best to give his child the quality education he deserves.

Now Dimasupil calls for help, to those who have books that they can share, and to those who have the heart, to make this father’s dream for his child to come true.

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I hope na mabasa ng mga Mechanical Engineers/Students out there ang post na ‘to.

I was moved by the story of this man. His name is Mr. Renie, my skilled foreman. He is currently living in Taguig, having 6 children. Then, nung nag-iinspect ako kanina, he approached me.

Foreman: “Engr, wala po ba kayong libro na hindi nyo na gamit?”

Me: “Libro po? Mag-aaral po kayo?”

Foreman: “Pangarap ko pong maging Mechanical Engineer. Kaso kulang po kami sa pera noon. Kaya sana ‘yung anak ko na lang maging engineer. First year college na po siya sa Taguig College. Napakasipag po nung mag-aral. Pumapasok po kahit walang baon. Kasiyahan na nya ‘yung makapasok siya at may matutunan na bago. Kaso nung isang araw may bibilhin daw siyang libro kaso wala akong maibigay na pera sa kanya. Sobrang sakit lang po na makita ko ‘yung anak ko na umiiyak dahil hindi ko maibigay ‘yung mga bagay na kailangan nya. Dalawa pong libro ‘yun. Kahapon sumuweldo ako, binigay ko sa kanya yung 500, isang libro lang nabili niya. Kaya nagtatanong ako sa inyo, baka meron kayo. Baka po hindi nyo na gamit.

Nakita ko na parang naiiyak na sya. I was really impressed sa anak nya na sobrang dedicated just to be a mechanical engineer.

Ako: “Ano po bang libro yun? Wala po kasi akong pang-mechanical. Puro civil po kasi libro ko. Pero tanong nyo po sa kanya ang title nung book na hindi nya nabili, ibibili po natin.”

Nahiya ako sa sarili ko nung mga oras na ‘yun. ‘Yung tipong napakaswerte ko pala kasi nabibili ko agad ‘yung mga libro na kailangan ko noon tapos minsan tinatamad pa akong mag-aral. I saw how dedicated sa work si Foreman just to earn a living para maibigay sa anak nya lahat ng pangangailangan nito.

I hope na may mga mechanical engineering dyan with a big heart. 5 years ang ME. Madami pa syang librong kailangan. I post this kasi baka may mga libro kayo na hindi nyo na gamit na maari nyong ibigay para magamit nung anak ni Foreman para hindi na masyado mamomoroblema si Foreman sa mga bayarin related sa libro. Nakatulong ka na kay foreman, nakatulong ka pa sa mga kabaro nating engineer. I know na you are all confidently wise with a big heart. J