Taking selfies has become a part of our everyday life-all over the world. Some are normal, others try to impress, but this particular selfie is definitely driving everyone on the internet crazy. But why?


Just take a look at the photo taken by Kaylan Mahomes, who posted a selfie on Twitter late last month. It seemed to be just another regular photo, with a caption of “Mom, twin, and me.”

The catch is that it’s difficult to tell which among them is Kaylan, her mom, and her twin sister! They all look the same!

The post has since driven the internet crazy, and it has been spreading like wildfire across social media platforms. It has now garnered over 22,000 retweets and 37,000 likes today.

And yes, everybody got into the crazy of guessing which is among them is her mom.

Kaylan meanwhile, is having the time of her life with the trend. She already revealed where her mom is in the photo, but she’s also been teasing netizens by posting other photos of them three.

And just so you know, the “mom” is the one in the left. Kaylan already gave the answer away in her caption, though.

The next question is: what’s her mom’s beauty secret?