MIGRANTE Vice-chairperson and M-ME regional coordinator John Leonard Monterona
MIGRANTE Vice-chairperson and M-ME regional coordinator John Leonard Monterona

The Filipino migrant rights group Migrante-Middle East and North Africa (M-MENA) today dared two neophyte congressmen who are representing the same party-list group to stop bickering on how to spend their respective pork allocations amid popular call by various sectors and organizations to abolish it.

Philippine Daily Inquirer report posted online at Inquirer.net titled ‘2 lawmakers from same OFW partylist fight over pork allocations’ (20 September 2013) stated that Rep. Johnny Revilla and Rep. Roy Seneres of the party-list group OFW Family Club (OFWFC) are at war with each other over the issue on how to spend their Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), which is normally given to district representatives amounting to P70-M.

“The two gentlemen (referring to Representative Seneres and Revilla) from OFWFC who have won a seat for themselves in the House of Representatives (HOR) are detached from the constituencies (the OFWs and their families) they claimed to represent who are also demanding for the abolition of all forms of pork allocations including that of the President,” said M-MENA coordinator John Leonard Monterona.

Monterona, who is an OFW now based in Tunisia, added that if the two gentlemen really represent the OFWs and their families, they should heed on the call of the OFWs who, along other sectors and civic organizations, are for the abolition of pork barrel.

“We challenge congressmen Seneres and Revilla to join DEPORK. We will be more than happy to see them side-by-side their clinched fists raised along us and together push the campaign for the abolition of all forms of pork allocations,” Monterona lamented.

“Both can also join the anti-pork campaign by the MAKABAYAN bloc in the House of Representatives,” Monterona lamented.

On Thursday, DEPORK! (Overseas Filipinos Demand Abolition of Pork), a broad network of Filipino im/migrants, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), seafarers, families, advocates and service providers kicked off its ‘Zero Remittance Day’ (ZRD) campaign.

At least 300 OFWs organizations in 23 countries, including those in the Middle East, have participated in the ZRD anti-pork campaign. Migrante International (MI) composed of progressive OFW groups in the Philippines and abroad, hailed the campaign as it was supported by thousands of OFWs abroad.

OFWs groups under Migrante alliance and the various formations of OFWs abroad are planning to stage series of ZRD campaign just a single day every month.