Are we starting to lose the sense of humanity? In particular, are we starting to lose our sense of respect for the elderly?

A series of photos that features an elderly woman sitting on the stepboard of a passenger jeep is going viral on Facebook these days. No, it’s not about the awesomeness or the fascination of seeing an elderly woman sitting on the said part of the jeep, but the fact that nobody in the jeep gave way for her to sit comfortably.

The jeep, whose route is Tebag-Villa-Dagupan, was filled with passengers, both men and women. But as the photos show, nobody got up to give their seat to the old lady, and she had to sit on the stepboard throughout the journey.

There are a lot of opinions that have been raised upon seeing the photos-all of which target the moral ascendancy of Filipinos today. The first is the fading sense of chivalry among Filipino men-as no one, based on the photos, gave way for the elderly woman, unlike before when it was customary for any man to help any woman in need, regardless if she states the need explicitly or not.

Another issue that was raised regarding the photos is how come the driver of the jeep tolerated such situation-to let the elderly woman sit in the said part of the vehicle? Among all the people on the jeep, he should be the one to take primary action to give her proper seating, but it seems that he just kept silent about it.

The pictures also show the declining sense of family values, in particular respect for mothers. Letting the old lady sit by the stepboard is something no son or daughter would allow to happen to their mother, but how come the people on the jeep let her sit there?

Seriously, is this how Filipinos show their moral values today?

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