Manila, Philippines – Google has officially opened its fifth Southeast Asian branch in the Philippines on January 23. This move marks a significant step for the tech giant in expanding its reach in the region.

As one of the biggest and most famous companies in the tech industry, Google traces its origins to 1997, when co-founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin came up with the name to replace their first search engine’s original moniker. The two would set up an office in Menlo Park in the garage of Susan Wojcicki, the current Senior Vice President of Product Management and Engineering.

A year later, they would move to Mountain View, California, where they would eventually establish their corporate headquarters, Googleplex.

Google AdWords

Although Google is known mostly for its powerful search engine and versatile Android operating system, this branch will be focusing on helping local businesses take full advantage of their marketing services. As such, local netizens concluded that Google will focus more on Google AdWords for better integration with local businesses.

The concept is simple. With your AdWords account, you can enter keywords that will match the search terms your target audience is using. Whenever they use those search terms, they will then see a link to your website at the top or at the right of the search results page. They will also see those links when they’re in a website that is related to your business’ industry. You also have the option to have those ads show up on certain times and locations.

With the latest report of the Asia Digital Marketing Association stating that there are 33 million Internet users in the Philippines, the exposure your business will receive from advertising online using AdWords is tremendous.

Google Places

Another Google service that is widely speculated to be integrated locally is Google Places. This free service lets you add your business to Google’s listings, and allows you to provide more information about your business to entice more clients and/or customers.

You can let people know your contact details, address and business hours. You can also include descriptions, photos and videos of your products, as well as create coupons to promote special deals. With this additional information, you will be more likely to convert interested prospects to full-on consumers.

Google and Local SEO

Aside from impacting direct marketing in the Philippines, the opening of the Google Philippine office will also affect the local SEO industry, potentially boosting it to the level of its international peers.

SEO or search engine optimization is a means of increasing a webpage’s rank in search engines’ results pages. As the largest search engine in the world, Google has been working with the global SEO industry to ensure that their main service of providing the best search results to its users maintains its level of quality.

As such, the news of Google’s opening of a local office was met with optimism by a lot of SEO practitioners in the country, including Jason Acidre, one of the country’s leading SEO specialists and CEO of Xight Interactive. “Having a Google office in the Philippines means a lot, not just for small, medium and enterprise level companies here in the country, but also to those who are rendering services related to Internet marketing, specifically with search marketing, and to local consumers using their search engine,” Acidre said.

“If Google PH is also planning to improve local users’ experience with, as well as AdWords and their ad display network, then local businesses and consumers can certainly expect tremendous opportunities in the next few years,” he added.

Google Jobs

To accomplish their goals in the country, the tech firm is already opening up job positions. Those who believe they are qualified or those who are waiting for updates on new positions can check here.

Google’s arrival signifies the undeniable growth in the Philippines’ business sector especially online. This makes it an exciting era for the country’s economy, where all industries are facing a sea of change in how they will conduct marketing.

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