April Fools Day - Google nose beta


It’s that time of the year when people have a legitimate excuse to pull pranks and get the whole world to laugh with them. Of course, being a tech giant like Google affords you the resources to pull off pranks in epic scales:


  • Google Nose. Have you ever wondered how victory smells? Now you can (without having to actually accomplish anything) by using Google’s latest addition to its already hi-tech search engine called Google Nose!


Go to Google.com, and then click on Google Nose. The search engine will then bring up a random search for your olfactory nerves to try out. Click on the “smell” button on the right side of the page, bring your nose to the screen, then sniff away! How did it go?


  • YouTube Shuts Down.  After eight years of existing, YouTube’s bigwigs have finally found a way to pick the best video ever. If you want to make your mark in Internet history, you have until midnight to upload your video before YouTube shuts down for 10 years. After being screened by various YouTube sensations, like Antoine Dodson, users will find out who won when the video sharing site goes back online in 2023.


  • Google Maps Treasure Hunting. Using the all-powerful Google Maps on your side, you now have a chance to dig up long-lost treasures scattered across the globe. With no other use for the billions of dollars it rakes in, the tech giant sent out a diving team to salvage a chest containing a treasure map.

Scanned and uploaded, Google Maps now contains codes for users to decipher through unconventional methods (e.g. exposing your devise to fire). A special X mark will show up on your screen. Now all you have to do is find the place and dig up your treasure! Click on the treasure icon on Google Maps to start your adventure.


  • Gmail Goes Blue. The sky, the ocean, the blue whale… Apparently, the color blue means a lot for Google’s developers, so much so that they decided to revamp Gmail’s interface into a calming, soothing, blue color. After six years in development, Google rolled out the new blue look with testimonials of its awesomeness from Project Manager Richard Pargo, Lead Engineer Carl Branch, and Lead Designer Dana Popliger. It’s Gmail, only bluer!

After all the pranks and x number of people who actually fell for them (have you been living under a rock?), tickling your audience’s funny bone is definitely a great and effective way to reach out to them. Now, please, get that nose off your monitor screens.

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