MANILA, Philippines– Malacanang Palace on Saturday appealed to the public to give newly appointed Customs chief John Sevilla and his deputy Jessie Dellosa a time to work out their job.

“You know, both of them are new to their posts. I think let’s give them time. I understand…they were appointed like for a month or two months after each other.”

“Admittedly, they still have many  things to do on their jobs, so let’s give them time to form their team and they can perform their work as a group based on the mandate of the President,” Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte said on DzRb-Radyo ng Bayan Saturday, this also in response to the issue  that the two are not doing well as a team.

Sevilla reportedly said that if he is going to believe all the “text messages” received by their office, majority of the agency are “demons.”

“Customs chief Sevilla can do it. I think he was talking about the report that he would be getting, and we all know that not all the text (messages) we received are true. So the commissioner also spoke of the challenges that faced his Day 12. I understand, it was that interview that was given on Day 12 of his assumption of being commissioner of Customs; and he was talking about how he intended to go about these reports.”

“Of course, we are not going to believe all the reports; they need to have background check,” Valte said.

Valte added that Sevilla and the rest of his team “are all taking note of everything that comes out, of all the reports that come out.”

If there are administration allies involved, the government has remained “impartial” in dealing with them, said Valte.

We will just have to make sure of the “best evidence” on the issue, Valte added.