Gundam is practically one of the most beloved robot characters in the history of Japanese anime, and now fans of this iconic character (and the rest of the manga-anime universe) are showing disgust over a life size statue of a Gundam RX-78-2 robot standing at Jed’s Island Resort in Bulacan.


The resort recently showcased its latest statue, after having the likes of Queen Elsa of “Frozen” and Bumblebee of “Transformers” placed in their grounds, much to the dismay of both anime and non-anime fanatics.


The robot rather had a gaunt built, deformed parts, and disproportionate limbs-a far cry from the Gundam robot we knew and loved on TV. Its towering height also seems unnecessary-with its slender structure, both netizens and spectators are thinking how long it will stay standing. And yes, the big letter J in the robot’s crotch is a big no-no.

And yes, how come Jed’s designers got the Voltes V statue right then make a big mess on the Gundam robot?


Worries about structural defects aside, the resort is already garnering negative feedback on social media. No word has yet been received from the establishment’s management, or its statue designers.

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