A woman in Dezhou, Northwestern China exposes her terrifying injuries after stating that her husband bit off her nose and swallowed it in wrath.

The man purportedly flung the assault for the reason that his wife did not answer her phone calls during the previous evening.

The woman claims, “My husband called in the early hours of the morning after a night shift at work on September 6, and I didn’t answer because I was too tired.”

Footage reveals the woman was being studied with a large chunk of her nose missing. She was brought to the Jinan Hospital where the doctors found that her entire nose, including the soft tissue, were gone.

The woman no longer has much of a nose left even when her face is wrapped in bandages. When the doctors asked if she’d be able to collect the detached body part for reattachment, she gravely told the surgeons that her husband had eaten it.

Local authorities are now investigating the case to find the husband who has already fled the scene of the crime.

Source: Mirror