The internet went crazy during the weekend when photos of a seemingly handsome young man carrying a basket of carrots on the road to Sagada were spread across social media.

But wait-he’s not the only hottie in the Mountain Province. Another cute face has been going around Facebook just yesterday, and this time he is carrying loads and loads of cabbages!

Meet Neil Galuten Matchock, who is now dubbed as “cabbage man.”

His sister Amy posted some photos of him on the farm carrying cabbages as a reaction to #CarrotMan, and yes, the internet was unable to resist his charm as well.


His photos are spreading like wildfire thanks to the Facebook page Trending News and Viral, and as of today his pictures have been shared over 6,000 times.

Netizens also started comparing the two young handsome farmers. Some are rooting for Carrot Man’s charming looks, while there are also those who are mesmerized with Cabbage Man’s boyish eyes.

Now we have more reason to munch on the veggies! Salad, anyone?

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