The winter season has been acting weird this year, with temperatures dropping like crazy and snow falling for the first time in countries such as Taiwan and Vietnam. But would it be possible for the snow to fall in the Philippines too?

A video clip uploaded sometime in 2014 is becoming popular again since it features an alleged snowfall taking place in the Philippines. The video, which was said to be taken in July 2014, shows snow falling heavily in a residential compound. The voice over in the video said that it was taken somewhere in Southern Philippines, but did not specify where.

However, there are claims that the video is a hoax, and it’s just a snow machine doing the trick. This is because the trees still looked fresh and just newly covered with snow; if it were legit then the trees would have already gone frozen.

Well, we Fililpinos are eager to experience the snow right in our country, right? Many are now looking forward to make snowmen right in their own backyards if and when the weird winter phenomenon continues. But just to put things into perspective, those who have been experiencing the snow for the first time are not so happy about it.

In Taiwan alone, 85 people already died due to the unexpected snowfall in their country. Vietnam locals are also having a hard time adjusting to the cold, since they never anticipated for the snow to go beyond their mountain tops.


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