Georgina Gil-Lacuna (left) with Guinness World Records adjudicator Seyda Subasi Gemici(right)
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TAGAYTAY CITY, Philippines − Filipina businesswoman, Gina Gil Lacuna, 61, was conferred a Guinness World Record on Thursday, holding the record for owning the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles.

From pictures of religious figures, animals and landscapes to Mickey Mouse, Mona Lisa and other Renaissance, Impressionistic, Abstract, Modern, Pop Art and iconic photo puzzle, Lacuna owns a total of 1, 028 puzzles framed in the walls of her two-storey house, so-called Puzzle Mansion on Cuadra Street , Barangay Asisan, this city.

Lacuna, who hails from Rizal province, was conferred with a certificate by GWR adjudicator Seyda Subasi Gemici of Turkey for having the “Biggest Jigsaw Puzzle Collection in the World”. Lacuna beat the previous GRW record holder Luiza Figueiredo of Brazil, who was registered to have 238 jigsaw puzzles in 2010.

Collecting the puzzles started as a hobby sometime 26years ago as travel mementoes, Lacuna shared. At her advancing age, she further said that the working out the puzzles help her maintain a sharp mind.

“Jigsaw puzzles are a good way to keep the mind young and active and to stave off degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. I think that is the good thing about puzzles, they also train your mind to focus, in many ways and are very educational,” said Lacuna.

Lacuna also revealed her ability to complete a jigsaw puzzle frame on a certain time, in a considerably fast stint. She can finish a collection of two 500-piece puzzles in one day and a 1,000-piece puzzle overnight, reports said.

“If the puzzles have only 300 pieces, I can finish five of them in one day,” Lacuna said.

Her achievement was commended by the residents of the city. Gemici of GWR likewise applauded Lacuna for her discipline in collecting the items.

“She is very disciplined lady. Every day, she spends three or four hours doing puzzles,” said Gemici.

Tagaytay City Mayor Abraham Tolentino and other officials moreover acclaimed Lacuna’s feat saying it may take considerable time before someone else breaks her record and further said it will help the city’s tourism drive, and the country as a whole.