FEATURE: Interview with Aaron J.P. Almadro, Editor of 8 Magazine

Aaron and 8 Magazine: pushing Eastern Visayas to the top

8 Magazine Editor Aaron J.P. Almadro is confident that Eastern Visayas will be a powerhouse in tourism, services and investments in the Philippines. He and his 8 Magazine team are also in the forefront to make it happen. (Photo by Archie Omega, Pixel 8 Photography)
8 Magazine July-September 2012 issue with poet, TV host and rockstar Lourd de Veyra on the cover
Officially endorsed by the Department of Tourism Regional Office VIII, 8 Magazine is Region 8’s FIRST glossy magazine; Region 8’s FIRST Travel and Lifestyle magazine; and, the Philippines’ FIRST tourism-centric regional magazine circulating nationwide!

A born leader and a manic dreamer, Aaron J.P. Almadro is literally almost everywhere now in Eastern visayas region, from leading professional lectures on communication and media productions to corporate and government agencies to organizing events like theater/fashion/travel show, art exhibit, literary and photo competitions or other tourism-related programs and community outreach activities.

He has been in the forefront in promoting the rich culture and tourism activities in the region via a locally produced quarterly magazine with a nationwide (and international, soon) circulation. His mag, aptly called as 8 Magazine, features the sights, fashion, lifestyle and inspiring people of Leyte, Southern Leyte, Samar, Northern Samar, Eastern Samar and Biliran.

Having been an Editor and Art Director of various glossy magazines from ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc. under MetroHIM Magazine, MetroActive Magazine, The Buzz Magasin, MYX Magazine and MAXIM Philippines, he was also stylist and writer for various features in Metro Magazine and MetroActive Magazine. Also he moonlighted as a PR Writer for FILA and SAMSUNG, and wrote for other glossy magazines like Garage Magazine and La Isla Magazine, the inflight magazine of Air Philippines.

He was also an Associate Editor of the pioneering Editorial team of NEW YOU, a cosmetics and wellness magazine under New Leaf Publications, and also an Art Director for the independent magazine WOW ‘PINAS, a general interest magazine distributed abroad.

Currently he is the Editor-in-chief and Creative Director of 8 Magazine, and the recently defunct Gahum Weekly, a regional newspaper, and media and tourism consultant for two municipalities in the region, and supervising consultant for a DTI project.

As 8 Magazine is already on its second year in the market, Aaron isn’t also hesitant to share his views on the viability of his mag given the economic situation in the region.

“The consumer boom was already slowly rising even before 8 Magazine came out. In the past ten years, you may notice the change in the economic situation was at a steady pace, but now, the pace has accelerated. Commercial businesses are sprouting like mushrooms lately—from malls, to restos, to boutiques and salons. You can feel the energy in the air.”

“Tourism is also one of the major thrusts and main priorities in the region. As the region gears up for tourists, they improve their consumer services and in essence, their own place, as well. This also helps in local employment, so it’s a win-win situation.”

He added, he is positive that Eastern Visayas will be a powerhouse in tourism, services and investments in the Philippines.

When asked to compare his experiences between working in a big media company based in Manila to managing his own publication here in the countryside, Aaron humbly said: “Working for ABS-CBN Publishing for almost a decade was like a training ground for me. Everything I learned and experienced there was in preparation for everything that’s happening to me now. I prepared for this. This wasn’t just an impulse. And with the help of my close friends and supportive publishers, 8 Magazine became a reality.”

Also, he mused that, “Eastern Visayas isn’t that far behind. We have everything here, the technology, the workforce, the beauty, we just need a push and nudge in the right direction.”

This he also wished to share to other young “dreamers” in the region.

“Stay grounded and be true to your roots. That’s all they need to learn,” he said.

Today, 8 Magazine editorial staff and publishers are also proud to say that they have added another first in their list.

“8 Magazine is the FIRST glossy magazine in Eastern Visayas, the FIRST travel and lifestyle magazine in Eastern Visayas, and now also the Philippines’ FIRST tourism-centric regional magazine circulating nationwide.”

“We still have a lot of features and surprises in the upcoming issues of 8 Magazine. Our fanbase has grown especially into provinces, into Luzon. Soon, we will be featuring places outside Eastern Visayas,” Aaron announced.

8 Magazine is now available at all National Bookstores nationwide, Shakey’s and Dunkin’ Donuts outlets from Tacloban City to Bicol. Also it will be out at Power Books and Rose Pharmacy nationwide soon. In Tacloban, the mag is available at Tres Niñas, Club 65Hundred, Leyte Park Hotel, D’ Coach, Na Ning, and Bistro Caliente, other outlets in the region. Email: editorial@8-magazine.com