Is this the worst move forward to spark conflict once again in Zamboanga City?

Just last night, prominent Saudi cleric Ayed al-Qarni was shot after giving a talk to fellow Muslims at a university in Zamboanga City. According to reports, he was shot at around 8:30 PM by a man who was present in his speech.

An envoy from the Saudy embassy was also wounded in the incident, said Inspector Helen Galvez of Zamboanga City PNP.

The hitman was shot dead by the cleric’s security personnel. Qarni meanwhile is now in a stable condition after being rushed to the hospital.

“We are still investigating the motive for the attack,” said Galvez.

According to police reports, the suspects fired several shots as the cleric was waving goodbye to his audience. Two other suspects are now under the custody of the Zamboanga City Police. The “Task Force Dr. Al-Qarni” has also been set up to boost the progress of the investigation.

Qarni is a pro-Saudi government cleric who currently has over 12 million followers on Twitter. He visited Zamboanga City to talk about his new book, “Don’t Be Sad,” upon invitation by the Ulama Council of Zamboanga Peninsula.

The event was attended by over 8,000 Muslims from across the region.

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