It’s common for most Pinoys to go paranoid when taking a taxi in Metro Manila-they all have the good reason to feel so, with all sorts of modus operandi happening in today’s cabs. And yes, this particular story started with the paranoia feels too.

Gelica Manuel Talauan took a ride on GrabCar driver Carlo Santiago Diaz’s sedan one night, and as they passed through a dark side-street, she thought something bad was going to happen to her.

In her Facebook post, Talauan narrated how she landed on Santiago’s car via the car rental app, and they were bound to Tondo, Manila from Gateway Mall in Cubao. While everything seemed normal at first, she soon felt scared when Santiago took a turn at a dark street approaching Pedro Gil Avenue.

“I was pretending to look at my phone, but all my ‘danger sensors’ were on high-alert because the Grab driver suddenly slowed down and said something that I wasn’t able to catch entirely,” she said.

But she was mistaken.

Santiago did take a stop, got off his car, only to bring out a bag of food to an elderly woman he spotted sleeping on the by pavement.

She later learned that Santiago, his friends, and his girlfriend have been doing this kind deed for quite sometime already: they cook meals for homeless people.

“Araw-araw kasi, magdadrive ka, makikita mo sila lalo na sa gabi na nakahiga sa bangketa,” Santiago told Talauan after they proceeded with the ride. “Madalas mga gutom, pero itinutulog na lang yung gutom nila. Kaya naisip namin gawin ‘to. Para at least, makatulong kaming malamnan yung mga tiyan nila kahit isang gabi lang.”

He also added that he opted to do this on his own rather than wait for the authorities to make the right action.

The story has since gone viral via social media, but no word has been heard from Santiago yet.