PacmanManila – As November 22 is anticipated for the WBO welterweight title bout between WBO welterweight champion and “Fighter of the Decade” Manny Pacquiao and the new undefeated WBO junior lightweight title holder Chris Aliegri in Macau, experts look forward and foresee the fight as different with all the other Pacman fights.

Spectators gave predictions on the up-coming title defense of the Top Rank against the Golden Boy Production and cited strengths and weaknesses of both parties.

Top Rank Promoter Bob Arum showed concern and worry with the fight in matching Pacquiao with Aliegri saying, “It’s not an easy fight. Aliegri moves very well.”

Arum picked Aliegri to have a once in a lifetime shot to fight the Filipino boxing icon and thought of selecting a guy whom people would not expect Pacman would fight. However, Aliegri is more than just that.

“I love the matchup. I love the style matchup. I think Chris will use his physical advantages and I think his speed is going to surprise Pacquiao. I think Manny is still a very good fighter, there is no doubt about it, but he’s not the same Manny from three years ago,” said Veteran boxing matchmaker Ron Katz.

Other boxing fans pointed out that Aliegri’s height, reach, youth, ability to stay busy for 12 rounds and a masters degree in nutrition are his advantages. On the other hand, great defense, good power and experience will help Pacquiao stand against him.
However, Pacquiao’s size, trouble with constantly moving opponent, moving back in straight line after engaging and most especially his age are his lows in defending the title.

Meanwhile, Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s coach, airs his concern about Aliegri’s playing style.

“His style, he’s a bit of a runner. Pacquiao doesn’t particularly like fighting guys who run so much. We’ll figure out a way to beat him. It’s not a problem. He’s got a good jab. That’s it,” Roach said.

On the other hand, Aliegri will take advantage of Pacquiao’s age.

“I’m going to use my conditioning to push the pace that he’s not used to at this point in his career and look to dominate down the stretch,” Aliegri said.

He considered himself as the biggest and most athletic opponent Manny had in years and he’s planning to use it to win the fight.


Reinalore Guimbaolibot
LNU ABCom Intern

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