No Filipinos were reported hurt or killed in the bomb explosions in Brussels on Tuesday morning, says Victoria Bataclan, Philippine Ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg.

According to Bataclan, the Philippine embassy contacted the hospitals where victims were brought and there were no reported Filipinos being treated or given medical are.

“Exact police information before the day is over,” she said.

The death toll in the Brussels has risen to 31, and over hundreds were injured when a couple of blasts took place at the airport, while another bomb was fired at the city’s subway, just near the European Union headquarters.

Bataclan, who is also the chief of the Philippine Mission to the European Union, is calling for Filipinos in Belgium to “stay where they are.”

The bombings made the authorities to close the Belgian capital, and the country is now on the highest alert level. Planes and trains en route to Brussels were diverted. Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said that the explosions are terrorist attacks even if there is currently no evidence that links the blasts to any group, including Paris suspect Salah Abdeslam.

The attacks on Belgium took place just after Abdeslam was arrested in Brussels. Since his arrest, he told authorities that had just made a new network and was working on arranging new attacks.

There are around 10,000 Filipinos present in Belgium.


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