Being a Doctor is indeed a very demanding profession and many people depend on them. In China, a selfless Doctor garnered so much admiration among his colleagues and has gained respect from the world after doing his duties as a Doctor while knowing his father was dying.

surgeryZhang Xinzhi Anhui, 55, a Doctor from China was forced to leave his father during his final hours because a patient from the hospital he was working in called him for the much needed surgery for another patient.

He asked his dying father if he could leave him so that he could save another patient’s life and the father gave him a nod; knowing that his son has a noble profession and is very proud of him.

Zhang rushed to the hospital as he understood that the surgery was urgent but upon preparation; he received a call that his father had died. Zhang continued to perform the surgery and did not tell anyone what happened to his father. The 2 hours surgery was a success and was able to save his patient but after that, Zhang broke down in tears and told everyone that his father had already died.

He ignored the calls he received during operation and kept his mind focused while performing the operation.

Truly, a noble person! Thank you Doctor Zhang! We admire you very much!

All photo credits to TVBS

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