Sorry folks. To all those wanting to prove the conspiracy theory about Grace Poe and Bongbong Marcos being siblings, this is just another hoax.

“Someone is playing a funny joke about this,” Sen. Bongbong Marcos said when he first heard about a document containing an alleged DNA test result that is said to prove that he and fellow Senator Grace Poe are related.

The document was dated 12 November 2015 with a letterhead DNA Solutions Philippines, and was sent to Marcos’ office at the Senate. It said that it was the senator’s DNA result, and when compared with the DNA result of Poe, it is shown that they are “related.”

However, the document also contained a paragraph saying: “DNA isolation was carried. Genetic characteristics were determined by PowerPlex 21 PCR Kit. In parallel, positive and negative controls were performed which gave the expected and corrected results.”

“I laughed when I heard about it,” said Marcos. “I’ve never had a DNA test.”

Poe on the other hand had thankful words for the alleged prank. “Ako ay nagpapasalamat sa pagmamabuting loob ng ibang tao sa pagtulong sa aking paghahanap sa mga tunay kong kaanak sa dugo.”

A foundling, Poe was adopted by the late actor, Fernando Poe, Jr. and actress Susan Roces. Her foundling status is one of the leading reasons for the disqualification cases against her. It has also been rumoured that Poe is the lovechild of actress Rosemarie Sonora and the late President Ferdinand Marcos.


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