A recent social media post of Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. has stirred controversy and various reactions from netizens.

On Friday morning, February 6, Marcos tweeted: “I remember as President, my father was knowledgeable about every military operation. The President would know about an operation this big.”

bongbong marcus tweet

The senator was apparently referring to the Mamasapano operation where 44 commandos of the Philippine National Police Special Action Force were brutally killed by suspected rebels in pursuit of a high value target.

While it seems clear that Marcos was taking a jab on President Benigno Aquino III, netizens were quick to put some meaning behind the tweet.

“Dude you just admitted your dad knew all the torture and extrajudicial killings,” a social media user said.

“Yes, president Marcos had “the Prince” by Machiavelli and “the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” commonly known as Hitler’s Germany. Of course not to mention he was a soldier, only that he had made good of those fake medals,” another netizen commented.

What do you think? Did Marcos just admit to former President Ferdinand Marcos’ tortures and extrajudicial killings?



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