Big Brother UK star and model Sallie Axl recently shared her harrowing experience of being sent home from the hospital with her baby placed in a plastic bag, which she describes to be like a ‘takeaway.’

The British celeb took on to Facebook to vent her anger on the staff of St. Mary’s Hospital in Manchester, where she sought treatment after suffering from a miscarriage early in 2015.

UK reality TV star shares horrible hospital experience

K reality TV star shares horrible hospital experience_1

“The hospital didn’t remove my child and left the baby to infect me, causing me to have a haemorrhage, and losing 40 per cent of my blood,” she said.

“I also accused staff at St. Mary’s Hospital of treating me with no compassion, and that she almost died due to an infection she contracted after the miscarriage.

But that wasn’t the only horrible thing she experienced at the hospital.

Seven weeks after her miscarriage, the remains of her deceased child was sent to her in a plastic bag and placed in a box.

Her post immediately went viral just a few hours after it became public, with shares reaching over 8,000 likes. Fans from all over have likewise expressed their sympathy and support for Sallie Axl.

Axl is still waiting for the response of the Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust regarding the incident.

Source: Dailymail

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