There are beast mode motorists who intend to sideswipe or lambast traffic enforcers. It’s been a thing. But what about cops going beast mode on motorists?

Well, the law enforcers got a slice of the spotlight in a not-so-good way. Netizen Hayley Catacutan uploaded and shared a video she took while on her way home from Rizal Park in Luneta, In the middle of a traffic jam, Hayley caught on video an incident wherein a cop-in uniform, was scolding a motorist.

Unlike other disrespectful motorists, this one was not in any way going against the law enforcer, but this policeman was all on beast mode. He not only humiliated the motorist in public, but also punched the latter-not once, but twice.

The poor motorist did not hit him back, and only received more threatening actions from this cop who even parked his vehicle just to continue his bullying spree.

The video was not able to catch the exact details as to why the cop went on beast mode, from the looks of it, the policeman not in any position to do such thing.

Hayley also posted the plate number of the policeman’s vehicle for proper action: UEQ 399.


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