Since DSWD has started distributing the Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA) to Yolanda survivors in Leyte, a lot of comments have been heard from various sources. It has even come to a point that the controversial shelter assistance has become a buzzword in the province.

Now being quoted as “Delayed Shelter Assistance,” citizens have cited reasons for the new moniker.

“Dirinamanito emergency kaymaduhananganiadikatuig (It’s not emergency since two years have already passed),” said critiques of the ESA. “Delayed nanganidamu pa ira arte pan-hatag (The distribution is already delayed and yet they still have a lot of drama).”

Younger critiques from Tacloban meanwhile have been heard saying expressions such as “angwalangkamatayang ESA”and “May forever sa ESA”.

Some recipients also complain about the rising costs of reconstruction, thus the Php 30,000 grant is not enough to shoulder their expenses. However, despite these setbacks, ESA beneficiaries still thank the government for finally handing out the said shelter assistance package.

Homeres, Ketrve B.

LNU Intern

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