Liaoning, China — J-15, China’s jetfighter has positively landed on the first Chinese aircraft carrier during their recent military exercise. This statement has been confirmed by Chinese Navy military officials.

The Liaoning, a renovated ship is a former Soviet carrier and entered to Chinese military service last September 25.

China says that this ship has undergone extensive sea trials and will be an important addition to their force defending the Chinese republic.

Several analysts predict that the Liaoning ship will allow China to cast its military strength against countries that have territorial disputes with them.

Until now, China had not previously publicized that such highly technical sea vessel technology is already possessed by its navy. According to Zang Yongyi, the commander-in-chief in charge of the military test and training program, “We have done all these test flights from the very beginning, and finally we mastered the key skills for the landing of carrier-borne aircraft,” he added. The J-15 had also successfully taken off from the aircraft”.

With China, adding more power to its military muscle, is it still possible for the Philippines to resolve its claim against the ownership of the Spratly Islands?