This just broke the internet.

Maria Ozawa, former adult film actress who became a household name for her relentless passion for the porn industry in Japan, just admitted that she had a one night stand with actor Cesar Montano.

In the radio show “Good Times with Mo,” Ozawa reluctantly admitted that she sex with her co-star in the movie “Nilalang,” an MMFF entry last year.

While she tried to elude the question, DJ Mo Twister was able to squeeze the revelation out of her, since she couldn’t stop giggling. She did explain that it only happened once, before they went into filming the movie, and that it was just “saying ‘hello’ sex,” and nothing more.

In the interview, which lasted for more than one hour, Ozawa also said that Montano’s member is “bigger than the ones she had recently seen,” and that she just arrived from Japan when their thing happened.

The internet, specifically Facebook pages such as “Pepeng Pinakamalupet” are now dubbing Montano as the “New Hokage,” a term used to refer to individuals who have mastered the moves of getting what they want (under the sexual context).

Montano was married to actress Sunshine Dizon, with whom he has two daughters.

For the full interview with Ozawa, check out the link below:


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