How should you deal with people who are into bullying, paired with those who would just sit quietly and do nothing about the situation?

For Jerry Telan, to recount his bullying experience was best showcased on Instagram.

In a post made by Telan, he shared how he was treated by fellow passengers and the flight attendants of Cebu Pacific while en route to Manila just last Sunday, 15 November 2015. According to Telan, a couple seated in front of him used the space intended for his luggage, but while he tried to claim his space, they only pushed for what they wanted and even berated him in public.

But what made matters worse was that rather than the issue be mediated by Cebu Pacific staff, the airline’s flight attendants tolerated the commotion and did not go into Telan’s defense-even if technically the space being occupied by the couple’s luggage is his.

Read the full story below:

“Cebu Pacific inflight serious Bullying incident 5J568 Cebu-Manila 10:30am, November 15, 2015! –Full story: I was seated at 2B, then this lady seated in front of me tried to insert her bag underneath my seat in my legroom where I placed my backpack. –Being sleep-deprived from an early 4am work with crazy duo at Parkmall Cebu, I took a nap after I have fastened my seatbelt while waiting for take off to Manila from Cebu.
–All of a sudden, FA Lyndon woke me up if I can remove my bag and put it in the overhead cabin to give way to the bag of that lady in front of me. I asked why? It’s my space but the bouncer baldy tall guy seated on her left 1A bullied and screwed me to remove my bag. To avoid conflict and delay of flight, I obliged out of humility. Just for the sake of logical thinking to contest my passenger’s right, I asked the 2 FAs Karla and Lyndon of who supposedly have the right between the 2 of us of the said space, they said it’s first come first serve basis!
—Therefore I have the right because I came in first at the plane. But this baldy bouncer guy kept on cursing, bullying and screwed me.
—Acknowledging and knowing my rights, I asked him to apologize loudly in the plane for humiliating me and violating my human rights as passenger.
—I’m calling the attention of Cebu Pacific Air, please never ever tolerate this kind of inflight bullying. Protect your passengers. Unfortunately, your 2 FAs namely Karla and Lyndon are accessories of this bullying incident because they tolerated the 2 bully passengers. Thank you for your time. It’s time everyJuan flies safely and fairly!”


Netizens, who have first spotted the Telan’s story on Instagram, immediately weighed in their comments, most of which are in support to his plight.

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