Taguig, Philippines – Almost one week before Christmas, a catastrophic fall of a bus caused the death of 18 people at the southbound part of the Skyway in Taguig City before dawn Monday and other 16 critically injured, possibly due to speeding of a sleepy driver on a wet road caused by rain, reported the Philippine National Police’s Highway Patrol Group.

bus falls off skyway
Previously, Police Superintendent Elizabeth Velasquez, spokesperson for the Highway Patrol Group said that 21 were confirmed killed and 20 were hurt as a Don Mariano Transit bus unit fell off the southbound lane of Skyway and crashed onto a truck van below.


The revision of casualty count was made through a phone call made by the Highway Patrol Group spokesperson Velasquez presently. The totality of victims was finally confirmed as per the number of injured in the truck van sorting out that all those who died were from the ill-fated bus and the injured from the van.


Explaining the miscalculation, Velasquez said that there may be an inaccuracy of count on the number of hospitals where the casualties were rushed, assuring that they have already rectified the casualty count.


A witness interviewed by the Highway Patrol Group said that the driver was sleepy as the accident realized early Monday. Further, she stated that another driver swerved by the bus said that they were running at 100-110 kilometers per hour before falling off the Skyway.


In spite of witnesses’ statements implying human error, Highway Patrol Group Spokesperson Velasquez said that they are not declining to the theory of mechanical defect that might have caused the fall.


Television footages recently showed aftermaths of the event: wrecked bus smashed into what looked like a pile of metal rubble, under it showed numerous bodies, heavy traffic, herd of bystanders, and left families compensated by the ranted bus company.


As of the horrible accident, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) suspended the full 78-unit fleet of the Don Mariano Transit Corp. hours after the incident.