Bench has taken a monumental step in local advertising after the release of their most recent billboard along Guadalupe.

The new ad features affectionate images of movie icon Gloria Romero with grandson Chris Gutierrez, it girl and Bench endorser Solenn Heusaff with fiancee Nico Bolzico, Preview Creative Director Vince Uy with boyfriend Nino Gaddi and makeup artist Ana Paredes with girlfriend, interior designer Carla Peña.

bench- gloria romero
Gloria Romero with grandson Chris Gutierrez – Bench Billboard

The billboard has words that read “Love All Kinds of Love.”

bench - Solenn Heussaff
Solenn Heussaff with fiancee Nico Bolzico – Bench Billboard

Benchmark editor in chief Raymond Ang said that the idea came up when he had a meeting with Bench Blog EIC Paolo Lorenzana and founder Ben Chan.

bench - Vince Uy
Vince Uy and boyfriend Nino Gaddi – Bench Billboard

“Paolo casually pitched a magazine for the thinking Filipino gay and we started joking that it would be cool to have a gay couple kissing on a Bench billboard,” Ang said. “We were surprised to find out it was something Sir Ben has always wanted to and was more than game for. He wanted to make a statement with the campaign—that is, to love and respect all kinds of love. I think it’s a beautiful message and one we can all get behind, especially during the Valentine’s season.”

bench - Ana Paredes
Ana Paredes and girlfriend Carla Peña – Bench Billboard

Meanwhile, Uy said that he is honored to represent the LGBT community.

“To be able to represent the LGBT community and also this campaign is so validating for all those who are discriminated,” Uy said. “Equality for all.”

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