MANILA, Philippines–Disapproval continues to mount in storm-hit Eastern visayas in view of the latest SWS “very good” survey result earned by Pres. Benigno Aquino III on his handling during post-Yolanda event.

“The survey is very delusional. The Aquino government must be very desperate that it has now started to exhaust all possible mediums to sanitize what is really happening in areas devastated by Yolanda,” said Jun Berino, secretary general of progressive group Bayan-Eastern Visayas.

“Who is this administration fooling? The survey result is a blatant lie. The SWS survey was obviously commissioned by Malacanang. It is a lousy attempt to influence public opinion and it failed obviously. It actually boomeranged to the Aquino administration. The people of Eastern Visayas must be enraged at the moment at the results of the SWS Survey,” added Berino in an emailed statement to Manila Channel.

Berino then challenged Aquino to “go to the interior villages, evacuation centers, coastal communities, rural and urban schools and mass grave of Yolanda victims” and see himself how the victims  “have been so thirsty for help, may it be food, cash or medical assistance.”

Confiding his sentiment to the group, one resident in a fishing village in Tacloban City questioned Aquino’s supposed help given to Yolanda victims.

“Government? What government? We did not receive any help from them here in Tacloban. The only aid that arrives are from the international institutions,” said Rowena Berio, 36 years old, of Barangay 52, Magallanes District, Tacloban City.

According to the group, Berio is only one of the thousands of residents affected by the No-Build Zone policy being imposed by the Aquino government on coastal communities within the 40-meter stretch from the shore.

Like Berino, she challenged President Noynoy Aquino to see for himself the miserable conditions of residents living along the coastal communities.

“She said that their fishing boat was destroyed and that they could not go fishing. She also refuses to be transferred to New Kawayan, a relocation site that does not guarantee livelihood and is very far from their source of living and her children’s schooling,” Berino said, quoting the victim.

Another victim,  Delia Dacuital, 46, who has been staying at the Astrodome evacuation center for more than two months already demanded that the Aquino government give her family proper shelter and a job with adequate salary, Berino said.

“The typhoon victims are really exasperated at the government. They find the government inutile,” added Berino.

Berino disclosed that “typhoon victims have to endure the wretched conditions in the evacuation centers.”

“Families cannot go back to their homes and livelihood because of the No-Build Zone policy. The corruption-riddled bunkhouses only serve as a photo-op for Aquino and his minions to show that they are doing something. Actually, not a single family has been relocated to these overpriced units. Thousands of families in Tacloban City alone do not know where else to go.”

On Friday evening, People Surge, a broad alliance of Typhoon Yolanda or Haiyan victims, survivors, organizations and individuals joined together in the common goal of helping the typhoon victims.

A “Night of Remembrance for the victims of the super typhoon Yolanda” was held at the Inner Court of the EVSU Administration Building in Eastern Visayas State University – Main Campus in Tacloban City.

Typhoon survivors from different municipalities in Samar and Leyte, including Tacloban City, had aired their testimonies on the government’s neglect to their plights.

On Saturday morning, group launched a protest march around Tacloban to air their demand for justice for all Yolanda victims, assailing the Aquino government “for its gross negligence in looking after the welfare of its people.”

According to the group, they will continue to assert their right to food, housing, livelihood and social services.

About 8,000 have perished or missing during November 8, 2013 typhoon Yolanda, with Tacloban city having the biggest number of casualties.