Finally, Anne Curtis speaks out on the viral photo of her boyfriend Erwan Heussaff hugging her younger sister Jasmine Curtis-Smith. The photo, taken from Snapchat, has sparked malicious comments from netizens, to the point they suspected that Erwan and Jasmine are having an affair.


Anne took to Twitter to post her message to everyone-concerned fans and critics alike, regarding the photo, even if there wasn’t any pertinent information about the said picture.

“This is the only time I will comment on this issue,” she said. “So please STOP saying awful things about my sister and boyfriend.”

She clarified the context behind the photo and said that it was just an inside joke between them, and that the picture was “wrongly screencapped” by people online. She further added that the incident is never an issue, and that some people just reacted to it maliciously and led others to jump to conclusions.

Her full statement:

“Hey all, this is getting out of hand. It was all an inside joke between my boyfriend, my sister, myself and everyone at the party. My private account was wrongly screencapped and this is becoming ridiculous. We took down posts because so many people reacted maliciously to them automatically and we didn’t want all of this to happen. Case in point. Nothing happened, we are all fine.

“I’m lucky that Erwan treats Jasmine like his own sister. He has known her since she was 13. So please STOP. It deeply saddens me that such viciousness is being thrown at the people I love. DON’T perverse their relationship. I mean, seriously. This is a non-issue.”

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