A creature believed to be an angel have fallen in London at around 1:50 pm (European Time) this afternoon.

It comes just hours before NASA announced finding ‘Earth 2.0′ the most habitable planet ever discovered.

This being has a human like figure with what seems to be an angel wings as arms.

The ‘Angel’ like creature was quickly rushed away by what seemed to be undercover police officers dressed in suits and sunglasses, resembling the characters in the hit movie Men in Black.

Fallen Angel 1

Fallen Angel 2

Fallen Angel 3

Fallen Angel 4

Fallen Angel 6

Photos of this creature have been controversial in the internet when a username Jimmy Ollie posted it in Facebook. As of now it has 4, 381 likes and 431 shares.

However, most net people do not believe in the photos. Some says it is a sculpture and Photoshoped while others are making fun of it by asking whether it’s an angel or not because its wings seemed to look like chicken wings.

The world has never seized to amaze us. We all know that there has been miracles throughout the years and how the hand of God works with them.

Similarly, a 47-year old Filipino construction worker who miraculously survived a 49 story fell from a skyscraper scaffolding and claimed ‘vision of angels’ that saved his life last November 2014 as reported in Manila Express.

Additionally, after going viral on social media, the truth behind the controversial Angel have been settled.

According to the article of Metro, ‘Angel’ is the brainchild of Beijing artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, who have been known to create artwork from real human corpses and flesh.

Their current piece is made from silica gel, fiber glass, stainless steel and woven mesh, Bored Panda reports, but that doesn’t mean it looks any less real.

Source: Theconfidentialfiles

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